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Why study?

Training objectives

The “Master’s Degree in Legal Sciences” aims to prepare students to become high level jurists trained in the methods and legal argumentation of their chosen research area. Graduated students will be well prepared to solve complex juridical problems and work as professionals in either the private or public sectors or as legal scientists.


  1. Students will acquire a profound theoretical knowledge of law.
  2. Students will find effective ties and balance between the theoretical and the practical dimension of law in the given legal areas.

Successful completion of the program will enable students to undertake a PhD in law (Dr. Iuris); it will also prepare students to pursue professional careers in their chosen specialization. All students will be imbued with attitudes and values demanded by the labor market, such as ethics, self-confidence, initiative and entrepreneurship, and responsibility.

[Acces requirements to the post of Administrative Manager]

General features of the Master’s Degree

Duration: one academic year
Credits: 60 ECTS
Students admitted: 20
Period of lectures: from October to June

30% of the master’s courses will be onsite, held at the Faculty of Law and Economics. The remaining 70% will not require attendance, and will consist of cases resolution, virtual forums and personal tutorials addressed to the preparation of the Master’s Final Project.