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Master Legal Sciences    

[Master's Degree leaflet]

The aim of the Máster Universitario en Ciencias Jurídicas is to train high-level jurists that have a clearly competitive profile in their field of legal expertise, and possess the ability to solve complex legal problems, either as professionals in the public or the private sector or as law scholars.

The two itineraries that we will be offering in the next edition of the Master are:

• Business law.

• International and European Union law.


The Master allows for a deepening and specializing in these three research areas with an interdisciplinary approach, so as to respond to the curricular needs aroused due to globalization, providing the students with the necessary tools to success in the legal field. The curriculum takes into account legal norms and instruments from different branches of the legal system, and combines them to solve the problems of the contemporary legal and economic world.

The main features of the Master’s Program in Legal Sciences include thoroughness of legal study and interdisciplinary and international research and teaching methods.

Tuition Fees: According to the DECREE 192/2013, of July 9th, the price for credit is 46,11 Euros, but the Social Council will be able to establish a bonus of up to 30 % on the price established (45.74 Euros). If you are a former student of the University, you will be considered for this aid!